Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'21 Million Nigerians Have Psychiatric Disorder'

With the population of persons in Nigeria who needs psychiatric attention, it is worrisome that the country has a few neuropsychiatric hospitals and trained psychiatrists. The Medical Director, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital (FNH),Yaba, Lagos, Dr. Rahman Lawalin this interview with Martins Ifijeh talked about the need for state governments to set up neuropsychiatric hospitals in their various states, among other related issues. 
Excerpts from the interview below. Find full interview here
On number of psychiatric personnel in the country
Though the numbers of professional psychiatrists we have now have increased compared to before, the country still needs more personnel. I am advising that more doctors specialise in psychiatry. Let it not be that we don't have enough personnel to man neuropsychiatric hospitals or neuropsychiatric units of general hospitals, when eventually we have more psychiatric centres in the country.

According to statistics, about 12.5 per cent of Nigerians have one form of psychiatric disorder or another, which is about 21.2 million Nigerians. This is why we need more hands; more psychiatrists, more health workers and more health facilities, so that we will be able to cope with treatment and management of psychiatric issues in Nigeria.

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