Saturday, February 21, 2015

For real? Men splash out MORE on designer manbags than women do on handbags 

It will come as a shock to any woman who's ever splashed out on the latest designer handbag, but men actually spend more on their 'manbags'.
A study found men shell out £106 for a bag on average – £42 more than women, who spend around £64.

Manbags are most popular among younger age groups.
Overall, one in ten men carries a bag most days, but this rises to a fifth among under-25s.  
Market researcher Mintel found men are more likely to choose bags made by luxury brands, while women tend to look for cheaper High Street styles.  
While each year three fifths of women buy themselves a new bag, a fifth of boyfriends or husband have bought a handbag as a present too.

Erm, does this study apply to Naija?

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