Saturday, February 07, 2015

hehe..get in here guys..I do 60 press ups daily-Victor Uwaifo

Although he is 74 years old, legendary musician, Victor Uwaifo looks as if he is just 50 years old. Without strands of grey hair and the agility of a young man, the Joromi crooner shared the secret of his youthful looks with Saturday Beats during the album listening event of his latest work, Legend Reborn.

                                    Sir Victor Uwaifo and his son Alexandre

“It takes discipline to look youthful at an old age. One must be disciplined physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a chapel in my house and that gives me spiritual uplifting. Physically, I have been a body builder for the past 60 years. I used to lift weights at Obalende (Lagos) back in the days. It helped me in my sporting activity because I set a high jump record in Benin and it is unbroken till date. I also try to develop myself mentally. It gives me an advantage over others and it makes me think deeply. I have never smoked cigarette in my life, let alone other drugs.

Wow... Wish younger ones can key into this man's life.

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