Saturday, February 14, 2015

How smoking damages the BRAIN

Smokers have a thinner outer brain layer than non-smokers, scientists have discovered.

Past studies have long linked smoking to heightened risk of cancer and lung disease.
And research has shown smokers are more likely to endure premature ageing, gum disease, go on to develop Alzheimer's and heart disease.
But if that long list is not reason enough to stub out your last cigarette, a new study has revealed the damaging effect smoking has on the brain.
Scientists in Edinburgh and Montreal found the brain cortex is thicker in non-smokers than smokers.
The study gathered health data and examined MRI scans of 224 men and 260 women with an average age of 73, around half of whom were former or current smokers.
And let me add that smokers are liable to die young...

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  1. Nawa ooo...thank God am not a "smokist"