Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Incredible! Meet the Korowai tribe who build rickety structures as high as 140ft over the trees of the rainforest

It's thought that until 1970, the mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, were unaware of the existence of any other people on earth.
Living as remotely as they do - perched 140 feet up into the canopy of the least explored jungles in the world - it's quite plausible.

The tribe are known for their distinctive treehouses that tower over the jungle on spindly stilts, originally designed to avoid attacks from rival clans intent on capturing people for slavery or even cannibalism. 

The Korowai adhere to age old tradition, sharing myths, folktales, sayings and charms to this day, and believe that their dead ancestors can return to land of the living at any time. 
Some clans are said to fear Westerners, having never seen them, and outsiders are called ' ghost demons'.

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