Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moment Madonna, 56, falls BACKWARDS down a set of steps after being pulled by dancers at BRIT Awards 

Madonna ended up putting on a performance that was memorable for all the wrong reasons, when she was pulled off the stage backwards as she closed out Wednesday night's BRIT Awards 2015.

Thank God she didn’t break a leg...hehe
With the final, much-anticipated performance of the night singing Living For Love, Madonna failed to untie her cape in time for her dancers to rip it away as she took to the stage at London's 02 Arena.

The 56-year-old looked shocked - and briefly stopped singing - after she fell down a set of stairs, but picked herself back up and continued to the end.


  1. Wow!why do they like falling? Hahahahahahah ah
    Why won't they fall with their killer heels.

  2. I tire for them celebs ooo....heheheheee....funny sha