Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nigerian guy in the diaspora jailed for 6 months on account of defrauding company

A 'devious and calculating' accounts manager who stole £23,000 from a TV star's home improvements company was jailed for 16 months today.
Abeyomi Ogunagbadaro, 44, had only been working at home expert Alison Cork's Alison At Home furniture business in Regent Street, central London, for six weeks when he started stealing from the firm.
The financial controller, who was on a £42,000-a-year salary, had access to the company's online bank account and was able to launder payments via two innocent friends he duped into giving him their bank details. 

Nigerians be representing everywhere they go!
Source: Daily mail

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  1. A monkey in Ijebu cannot suddenly become a lion in Australia....***in comic voice***a roguerr will be a roguerr....heehehhee