Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Premier League fury as FIFA fixes Quatar 2022 World cup Dec, 23

The FIFA task force responsible for picking the dates of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have provisionally proposed it should run from November 26 to December 23 - sparking fury from the Premier League. 

While it was long anticipated that the task force would recommend a November-December tournament - the specific dates still have to be ratified by FIFA’s executive committee (ExCo) next month - official confirmation of the general plan is already causing shock and anger.
Premier League chief Richard Scudamore, part of the task force, expressed his anger and disappointment at the decision. 
'Yeah, very disappointed that`s the word, I think, on behalf of the all the European leagues and particularly the European clubs who provide most of the players for this World Cup,' he said after the meeting in Doha on Tuesday. 
Why should someone worry so much about 2022 while we are still in 2015? Later they will complain of high BP...lol. 

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