Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prince William planning to work as air ambulance helicopter pilot

Prince William is planning to start work as an air ambulance helicopter pilot in the summer after passing a 'rigorous' set of exams.

The Duke of Cambridge hopes to work 'as close to full time as possible' flying both day and night shifts after completing mandatory ground school training, which is expected to take a few months.
He had been studying for his air transport pilot licence exams since last September and passed all 14 exams required to work as a civilian helicopter pilot, Kensington Palace revealed.
Shortly after his current tour, he will undergo extra training with Bond Air Services before starting work for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service in the summer.

This training will involve in-flight skill testing, simulated training and instrument rating, which involves flying in poor weather conditions.

Question of the day: If Prince William Of Great Britain can still seek for jobs albeit risky ones, why do you with your 'little' you have sit back all day waiting for that white collar job to come to you( i.e if it manages to come at all).
You can always find something to do to improve on your way of living, your family's and the society at large... Get going today! 


  1. Get going. Keep working. This' part of what I shared out today, we just have to work hard in this life, there is no other way. It pays at the end of the day. Congratulation Prince Williams. . . go get it man!

  2. Get going,keep going,never stop going,someday,one day the hustle will pay me