Friday, February 06, 2015

Why do women hate on their fellow baes?

Life is too short... you know that already huh? Then why spend a big portion of it hating on someone? Like Warri peeps will say ' Wetin man do man? But I will ask Wetin woman do

Well I was privileged to undergo my industrial training from September 2013 to early 2014 in one of this NNPC subsidiaries and because I have to be very early in order to catch the free company bus to work, I never really had time for any form of make up on my face.

We were four ladies attached to my department at work, and while the others will look 'glamful' I will just be there. The other ladies will sometimes complain about my looks and I decided to carve out a little of my time to do small make up and that means waking up more early than before.

I started small make ups like adding some lipstick to my lips and some brown powder and I will get their 'ehn ehnnn you don dey try small' Then I started resuming more early at work than I normally do so I can hook up to the company WiFi and download make up videos from YouTube because it was usually faster when downloading in the morning because of the lower usage of connection with a few staffs available.

I began doing the eye brow stuff and I became a little bit good at it...hehe.
I even started receiving compliments from the male folks at work *winks* I noticed one of the ladies started behaving funny and cold to me, I will come in and cheerfully greet them and she answers and quickly pick up her phone and seems to have a contract signing on the phone with Dangote till closing... lol.

This was someone that always called me so we could go eat together... Lunch time I will say to her' come let's go eat' and her reply will be 'i have eaten already', when I asked? 'when I ran an errand to Learning for manager' will be her curt reply.

I never knew her ish with me had to do with my make up until she told me one day' for your mind you are too beautiful' and hissed when one of the IT guys complimented my eye brow.

And that was how our 'friendship' ended. Just because of eyebrow... Lol

I don't know how to help the female folks out there learn to live a life devoid of jealousy and hate because I see it in them everywhere I go school, church... name it.

Please anyone that can help please share.Thanks.

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