Friday, March 06, 2015

Amazing! Meet the woman who 'dies' THIRTY SIX TIMES a year

The incredible video shows the moment a young woman with a rare heart condition becomes clinically dead for a minute before being pulled back to consciousness by medical staff. Photos from the clip after the cut...

Sara Brautigam has regular brushes with death and in one year was pronounced clinically dead 36 times.
The 21-year-old was four years ago diagnosed with erm....Postural orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), a condition which makes her heart stop beating.

She experiences rapid palpitations that regularly cause her heart to stop beating and her blood pressure to plummet to what doctors record as clinically dead. 
She was told she could no longer take part in the sport and her dreams of joining the Navy were also left in tatters. Even getting a job and and driving were affected by the condition.
She added: 'I had 10 years of being out every weekend canoeing and being so active and it all came crashing down. I piled on the weight because I couldn't exercise and was really upset.
'All my dreams came crashing down, I can't even work at the minute because I would need a job that could be very flexible. Then I was told I couldn't drive, it was like everything was being taken away from me.
'I lost a lot of friends, in fact I only have one friend from school. Everyone seemed to be too busy with their own lives to bother with me when I was diagnosed.' 

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