Saturday, March 28, 2015

Come see cinema as bandits use Baboon to rob victim of N.23m

An interesting drama played out in Lagos recently, after some criminals who were with two baboons waylaid a man as he was coming out from the bank at Ogba area of the state.
The unsuspecting victim who withdrew the sum of N230,000 from the bank was shocked when he stepped out only to see some roughly dressed young men with two giant-sized baboons starring at him menacingly. Without blinking an eyelid, the man took to his heels, abandoning his bag of money.
Crime Guard gathered that the bandits used their baboons to scare the victim after driving close to the banking premises with an unregistered Nissan Primera. It was learnt that two of the suspects alighted from the vehicle with two baboons and ambushed the man as he was coming out of the banking hall after withdrawing the money from his account. The victim reportedly was frightened and dropped the nylon bag containing the cash on the ground and ran for dear life


  1. Hahahaha, the fear of baboon is the beginning of wisdom.i can imagine the way he dropped the money and took to his heels . Lmao

  2. Lagos peepz are mean. They will do anything to steal from you

    Ole jatijati