Sunday, March 22, 2015

Do you believe the dead can talk/communicate with the living?

Well read these chilling stories and you just might believe...

After a long and happy marriage, my darling husband died. Five months later, I was sitting in my kitchen with the door to the hall open when the temperature in the bungalow suddenly dropped (it was a lovely, sunny day).
When I looked up, I could see an outline similar in size to my husband.
I spoke to him and told him how I loved him and missed him. After a short time, he put out his arms towards me... and then he disappeared, and the temperature in my home returned to normal.
I have never dismissed the thought of an afterlife, nor have I really believed in it, but I do know now that my beloved is waiting for me, so I have no fear of dying.
Yvonne Moreman

My husband Noel and I live in Northern Ireland. Noel used to be an engineer and is the most pragmatic, realistic man you could ever meet.
On July 31 last year, he came in from his shift after midnight and put his car keys on the bedside cabinet. At 3am, the keys flew across the room, waking us both, and I accused him of swiping them with his hand. He just said it wasn’t him, and that was that.
We were flying to London later that day. As I was driving to the airport, he kept telling me to watch my speed, mind that car, and was generally being irritating. Then he said: ‘We are going to be in a car crash today.’ At the airport, I gloated that
 I’d managed to get us there in one piece.
We landed at Heathrow at 5pm and got picked up by a friend. As I got into the middle of the back seat, I couldn’t find the belt buckle so I wasn’t going to bother. Noel insisted I dig it out and gave me ‘The Glare’.
Five minutes later, I shouted: ‘That guy hasn’t seen us!’ as another vehicle sped across the lanes.
The impact was fairly substantial. I dislocated my neck and pulled the cruciate ligament in my left knee. Noel fractured his sternum and three ribs. The Fire Brigade said that if I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt, I would have been out through the windscreen.
Later on, in A&E, I asked Noel how he had known what would happen.
He told me that his recently deceased cousin Shane had thrown the keys, and that he was there with their grandmother. They had told him not to go to London as he would be in terrible pain. When I asked why he had still gone, Noel said that if he hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have worn a seatbelt and would probably have been killed.
If anyone else but Noel had come out with this story, then I would have laughed at it.

My mother passed away in November 1999. In December 2014, I went to a medium.
He asked me if I had lost my mother and who was the Gemini (which was her birth sign). He even named her — Jean.
Then he told me she had to get something off her chest that she was sorry she never told me, and it was about my other sibling.
I am 61 and an only child, but he was adamant that she said there was another sibling.
Two days later, I contacted a cousin whom my mother lived with during the war. I asked if, when mum lived with her family, did she have a miscarriage, an abortion or even a baby.
The next words nearly blew me away. My cousin said how sad she was for my mum, and that she had given birth to a baby girl when she was about 19 years old, in 1942!
I stood in my dining room, so stunned and shocked. My cousin had seen the baby lying on a settee in her house. She had just come home with her brother from being evacuated and was told they were looking after it for someone.
A few days later, they took the baby to a house in Southampton where my mother handed the baby over. On their return, my mother was very distressed. My cousin said this is how she knew it was my mum’s child.
I looked on the internet and found a child born in 1942 with my mother’s maiden name, and went to my local register office to obtain a birth certificate. I was told the child had been adopted, which would have been true. There was no father named.
I have tried to trace this person, but have come to a dead end at the moment.
How could this medium know about this if my mother had not told him?
Pauline Holmes

I don't know what to make of these stories, why do I feel they were just hallucinating... it just might be real though. 


  1. It's possible tho, I have heard different stores in this regard

  2. I have too. I agree with Bola