Friday, March 27, 2015

Grieving families of Germanwings victims could be in line for up to £100m compensation

Relatives of Germanwings killer Andreas Lubitz could receive multi-million pound compensation settlements if they can prove that Lufthansa knew about the co-pilot's mental health difficulties. 

Sicknotes found at Lubitz's apartment in Dusseldorf by German police could form a key part of any legal case launched by the families.
Legal experts claim that the level of awareness the passengers had in advance of the crash would also influence any compensation payments. 
German newspaper Bild reported that Lufthansa's Aeromedical Centre has passed internal documents to investigating authorities which claimed that Lubitz suffered from depression and anxiety during training and went through a 'serious depressive episode'. 

Ordinarily, the families of air disasters are entitled to a maximum of around £100,000 under international agreements. But if a family decides to sue, this figure could rise dramatically depending on the degree of negligence by the airline and the level of awareness their loved ones would have had on their impending doom. 
As well as looking at Lubitz, lawyers for the families could question the airline's policy of not requiring at least two crew on the flight deck at all times once the aircraft is airborne. 
Relatives of some of Tuesday's victims have reacted angrily to the discovery of the torn up sick note and questions over Lubitz's mental health. 

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  1. Money can never replace a lost loved one