Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I sold 100 AK 47 rifles –Suspect

A suspected gun-runner has denied selling over 200 Ak47 rifles as alleged by the police. Andrew Moukwue, who is being quizzed by the Special  State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command told Crime watch Today that “really, I sell AK47 to people, but not 200 as the police are saying.  I know that the business I do is illegal, but things are difficult and man must eat.

“I started the business many years ago, but I was working under someone, but when he died, I took over the business.  I have a shop in Onitsha Main Market, Anambra State.  I just stayed in the shop and waited for customers.  I didn’t sell anything else. There is nothing in the shop, but I made phone contacts to solicit for clients.
“I used to buy the guns from a customer in Ibadan, Oyo State for N300,000.  I made between N50,000 and N100,000 on each sale.  I was selling to businessmen and people who have problem in their communities.  Many communities in Anambra are having issues so, I was selling to those who needed guns to defend their communities.
“I will not tell you lies, I have made money through the business.  I have built a house, I have two good cars and my children are in good schools. My wife is okay and looking good.  I don’t know why the devil came to distract me.  I won’t tell you lies, I sold about 100 AK47.  Let the police say the truth.  I did not sell to armed robbers.
“ I feel so sorry if anyone has used the gun he bought from me to commit crime but I did not sell to them to do evil.  Let the government forgive me,” he said.
One of his accomplices, Christopher Edwin, said:  “My offence is that I assisted him in selling 14 AK47.  I knew the business is evil, but I must survive.  I would collect N350,000 and sell for N400,0000.  I started the business lately, so I won’t say that I have made money or not.  To be candid, I sold guns to businessmen


  1. Foolish talk, he should be persecuted.


  2. You didn't sell to armed robbers indeed. So he thinks we are fools like him.

    Just imagine the number of people he would have sold guns to over the years?