Sunday, March 15, 2015

Incredible! woman caught carrying £180,000 of cocaine in her huge 46D bra !

A drug smuggler was caught carrying £180,000 of cocaine stuffed in her huge 46D bra.
Nola Williams, 47, was found with the stash after she arrived at Gatwick on a BA flight from Kingston, Jamaica, with a child and accomplice Raymond Goodison in January last year.

But despite being on licence for a previous jail sentence for drugs, Goodison was bailed and has since fled the country.
The pair were arrested as they boarded a train from the airport to Victoria station in central London.
A strip search revealed a kilogram of cocaine stitched into the cups of Williams' bra.
Goodison had used the woman as a 'mule' the court heard, as he was sentenced to 13 years in his absence. It is believed that he may now be in Jamaica or the US.
He was convicted of smuggling cocaine while Williams pleaded guilty to the same charge.


  1. Nawa oo,the hustle is real and everywhere,

  2. Inside bra? Hanhan

    She wan kill herself?oga oooo