Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is Robert Mugabe planning to name his daughter as his successor?

I have got to ask if it's a family throne or inheritance. This old man reminds me of the likes of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. They only know about their selfish selves and their families. 

There are fears inside Zimbabwe's that president Robert Mugabe wants to turn his dictatorial rule over the country into a monarchy - by getting his daughter to succeed him.
He originally planned for his wife to assume the position of president after him but her worsening health has forced Mugabe to turn to his 24-year-old daughter Bona, according to the Times.
She accompanied the 91-year-old dictator on a recent trip to Japan to meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - a move which drew widespread condemnation from parties within the country.
Last year, Mugabe promoted his wife Grace to a senior position within his ruling ZANU-PF party where she led a vicious campaign to remove former vice-president Joice Mujuru from office.
But the 49-year-old has fallen severely ill in recent months and she has been taking regular trips to Singapore for medical treatment.
In her absence, their daughter Bona has taken a more prominent role at the Zimbabwean president's side at official events and trips.
Earlier this week, photographs emerged showing her with Mugabe - who is also in poor health - as part of a state delegation that held talks with Japan's prime minister. 
The move sparked furious criticism from opposition parties and political analysts but a ZANU-PF spokesman insisted the move was not politically motivated.

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  1. I heard he has been president of Zimbabwe for over 39 years or so, Nawa ooo.they have turned it to family business. I hope GEJ is not planning such