Friday, March 20, 2015

Jonathan must respect the wishes of Nigerians – Buhari

The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj, General Muhammadu Buhari(retd.), has said the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan must respect the wishes of Nigerians for credible polls.
Buhari said this while addressing Eze Ndigbo of the 19 northern states and Abuja at his campaign office, in Abuja, on Friday.
The APC candidate said he had realised the fact that multi-party democracy remained the best form of government since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Buhari said, “Let the government respect Nigerians as individuals, allow them to choose those they want to represent them and to lead them and Nigerians will be surprised to see how peaceful this country is going to be.
“I think in a part of every human being, there is an element of rebellion. If you try to force a human being to do what he doesn’t like, he will develop a way of resisting it but if you develop a system, you persuade him to accept the system, then justice must be done
and you will be surprised house peacefully you will live; but if you try to force it, I am afraid, you will keep on suffering.”
He said the last 16 years of Peoples Democratic Party rule had been a disaster as public institutions had virtually collapsed with the business community the worst hit in recent times.
The APC candidate added, “Where were we 16 years ago when PDP took over this country? And where are we now? How much was the Naira then and how much is it now? The Naira now is about N230 to 1 US dollar and I think as a community, you are hit the most in Nigeria than anybody else.
“You are those that go out from Singapore to China, all over the world. You order things, you don’t order them in Naira; you order them in Dollars or pounds sterling or yen. Now you need trailers of Naira to maintain your business.”

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  1. Sai Buhari, na true you talk sir, we are right behind you