Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Liverpool player Steven Gerrard and wife to move into new Malibu home worth £16.8m

He's about to make the biggest move of his life, trading his long career with Liverpool FC for US club Los Angeles Galaxy.

And Steven Gerrard looks just about ready to live in the lap of luxury when he relocates to the West coast of the States this summer with his family.

The sprawling Malibu mansion the footballer will move into with wife Alex and children has been unveiled, an outstanding property overlooking the ocean.

Reportedly worth $25m - £16.8m - the luxurious pad has been offered to the midfielder, 34, by his new football club, who'll foot the $20,000 a week (£13,400) rent over the year and a half he's signed to the team.
Steven, along with his model wife Alex, 32, and their daughters Lilly-Ella, ten, eight-year-old Lexie and Lourdes, three, are already said to be building themselves a £3million five-bedroom house on a two-acre site in an upscale area in Merseyside.

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