Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meet the woman who scouts for women to have sex with her husband because she doesn't like sex!

Erica has known since the tender age of 15 that she was asexual - after realizing that she had never felt sexually attracted to anyone.
And despite trying to force herself to feel some kind of sexual desire towards a few men in her late teens, she admits that she failed to ever feel the kind of connection that so many of her peers seemed to experience
At this point, Erica had almost given up on ever finding love, as, perhaps unsurprisingly, most men she met ran a mile when she told them about her total aversion to sex.

'It was such a frustrating period of my life as I knew I was different, I just didn't know why,' she recalls.
'All my friends were experimenting with boyfriends, yet when I even kissed a boy, it just left me cold.
'I still wanted the companionship you get from a partner, I just didn't want the sex side and I worried I would never ever find anyone who would be prepared to love and accept me the way I am.'
But in 2002, Erica's world changed when she met Andrew, while the pair were both living in Melbourne. She admits that she felt as though she had finally met a man who did love her just the way she was.
And after first living as housemates, the pair became an official couple in 2009 after Andrew moved to Canada and the duo realized that they couldn't bear to be apart from one another.
They were married on October 27th 2012.

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