Friday, March 20, 2015

No waiting at polling booths after voting – IG

The Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, on Thursday   warned voters to go back to their homes after casting their votes on election days.
Abba, who addressed accredited observers for the   general elections in Abuja, said the possibility of committing electoral offence was very high   if voters stayed back at the polling booths for votes to be counted.
He said that each polling unit would have at least two or three policemen to protect the votes   cast by the electorate.

The IG said, ‘‘Two to three police officers will be attached to each polling unit, and we would provide more officers for the collation centres and for the managers of the elections.
“We will go on to protect the electorate. Every eligible voter should feel safe enough to cast his votes. We will be there to protect the votes and make sure no one disrupts the process.
“Cast your votes and go and cool down. If you remain there, there is a likelihood that you will commit an offence.’’
The police chief   advised political parties and their candidates to abide by “one agent to a polling unit,” which the electoral act stipulates.
“Asking voters to wait and protect their votes implies taking the law into their own hands. It is unacceptable,” he said.
Abba said the police were aware of threats by some politicians to declare parallel election results and warned that his men would deal with such act within the ambit of the law.
He added, “We have heard some people are threatening to declare election results; we hope it is not true. If you don’t accept the declared result by INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), the best way is to proceed to the tribunal.
In advanced democracies, people don’t take the law into their own hands but resort to tribunals.

It's painful to know that after hearing all this from the IG himself, some people will still stay at the polling booths after casting their votes, a WORD is enough for the WISE!

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  1. Abeg oo,please no rigging,declare it as it is.