Monday, March 02, 2015

Question of the day...

It has eaten deep into our Nigeria University system. Some call it 'blocking', some others 'sorting'...

Blocking or sorting is the act of soliciting the help of  a lecturer in order for him to upgrade your 'failing' grades either in cash or kind..

Put this question up some couple of days back, but pulled it down for some reasons.

So can you as a parent give your son/daughter in the university, money to go sort a lecturer? And why will you agree to do it?

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  1. some parent do that while other don't.

    Some parent know that there child/word are (dumb like me).. . . .lol so they even go to the lecturer by them self to talk to the Man. while some parent don't even know anything about this the student just find his/her way to 'setu' the lecturer. Abi who wan carry 3rd class cumort for school.

    How you know those who pay there way out of the university are people who speak good English but they can't spell. and some are good on both but they lack confidence.