Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sad!, from 149 people to 600 body parts found on Germanwings crash site

A leading professor who is helping to identify the 600 body parts belonging to the victims of the doomed Germanwings flight says he will be haunted forever by the grim task - as it was revealed the remains of killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz have already been found.
Professor Michael Tsokos, Germany's most prestigious forensic scientist, said experts are working around the clock to identify the remains of the 150 passengers and crew who were killed when Lubitz deliberately flew the Airbus A320 into the French Alps.
Investigators at the Germanwings crash site have retrieved about 600 body parts - but have not found a single intact body.
Mr Tsokos admitted that Lubitz's remains were among those which had been found and said DNA testing had confirmed the body parts were his.
They say that psychotic maniac pilot was suffering from one psychosomatic illness and was afraid of losing his job to his blurred vision. Well that's no reason to end 149 persons lives and his Maker is definitely waiting for him. 


  1. Hian body parts

    So sad!!!!!what a terrible way to die

  2. A very horrible way to die.
    May their soul find rest