Sunday, March 01, 2015

Shameless shoplifter enjoys designer clothes, plastic surgery and exotic holidays after making £2million from 44-year crime spree

This white folks will not kill me.... hehe, we Africans are too nice judging from these stories I see from these oyibo people everyday... lol. 
So a shameless shoplifter says she has made almost £2million from a 44-year crime spree while enjoying designer clothes, plastic surgery and exotic holidays.

But despite her illegal earnings which have seen her jailed seven times, Kim Farry, 54, still reportedly lives in a rent-free council house in south west London, and takes home £556 in benefits every month.
In an interview, the mother-of-six described shoplifting as her 'job' and says at her peak she was taking home almost £50,000 a year through stealing, but she is now going straight for the sake of her youngest daughter, 14-year-old Paris.

'I will try but I'm going from ­riches to rags. Why would I give up living like an A-lister for this? This is the longest I've been without shoplifting since I was a child and it's unbelievably hard,' she told theSunday People's Vikki White and Gemma Aldridge.
Ms Farry says she first stole aged just nine, when she saw her single mother struggle to bring her up, as well as her eight siblings. 

After she went unchallenged as she took a haul of groceries from a supermarket, she says she began stealing food and toys on a weekly basis.

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