Friday, March 13, 2015

Star athlete, Blessing Okagbare, distances herself from pro-Goodluck Jonathan group

Olympic and World Championships medalist, Blessing Okagbare has cautioned a pro-Goodluck Jonathan group, GoodHouse Nigeria, from using her image and footage(in an advertorial tagged GEJ Okagbare) without seeking her consent. Making her displeasure known via Twitter from her base in Los Angeles, USA, Okagbare said, “I just wanted to be patient at first, but my agent is not happy because he thinks I am a woman and very far from home too.

“Someone out there is using my image, footage and everything I have worked for to make money through advert and campaign without seeking my approval. If an advert is being made with my footage and I am not aware of it, it shows how some of my countrymen back home can be so selfish, disrespecting and have no regard for people’s privacy.”
“Now, I am here struggling on my own to pay my coach, nutritionist, doctor and others to make sure I am in good shape for the All African Games and the IAAF World Championship in Beijing, China, later in the year, and some people back home are using my image and footage for presidential campaign advertorial without seeking for my approval. This is fraudulent because I am totally not in support of it. We called the people (GoodHouse Nigeria) and they denied using my image and footage for PDP presidential advertorial. Who did it then? Why are they lying?”

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  1. Go and sue their bloody ass,selfish people