Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stella Dimoko Korkus comes for unknown person who implied she stole Linda Ikeji's content without permission

Me sef I stole this image from stella's
So Stella Dimoko Korkus of Stella Dimoko Korkus  Blog said she received an email from someone threatening to report her to whoever( me I don't know to who oo) on ground of plagiarism.
The unknown person who sent the email alleged that aunty Stella stole content from Linda Ikeji Blog without permission. Now aunty Stella is calling the person's bluff, told the unknown man/woman to do his/her worse... Her words below.

I really do not know why this harrassment continues...I really also do not know that when a story breaks only one person is entitled to it.. LMAO!
Let me state it here now that when the above referred Blogger started blogging she USED most of my stories ,my original material from Encomium magazine..she would lift it and not give me credit except the ones that would bring her trouble would she boldly attach my name.
i never complained or sued.

Why am i being harrassed now?I have tried in my capacity as a journalist to create my original content on this blog because i am trying not to fall into the cliche of bandwagon posting....Infact i ignore certain reports when i see that it is already how i for do am eeeh!

Continue having sleepless nights whoever you are.....and please whatever you have to do,do it quickly..I am ready!

Me am waiting for more drama to unfold. Read the post from Stella Dimoko Korkus blog here.


  1. Chai, see what I missed since morning. .hahahahaahahah everyone is guilty of plagiarism why is the unknown making an issue. Make I go copy and paste joor

  2. una get time sef...Even Stella, i wonder why she allows all these unnecessary things get to her