Thursday, March 19, 2015

Terrifying images from inside Tunisian museum which left 23 people dead

Terrifying pictures have emerged showing the carnage unleashed on a Tunisian museum yesterday when two gunmen using grenades and assault rifles massacred 18 tourists, including a British mother-of-two.

 Photographs taken in the aftermath of the killing show 
both the attackers lying dead after they were gunned down by Tunisian special forces in their raid to free hostages.
Other pictures reveal the damage wreaked throughout the building - walls and windows of the Bardo National Museum are filled with bullet holes, while unused grenades sit scattered among the debris.
One survivor of the attack, identified only as Maryline, has now told how she splashed herself with victims' blood in a desperate attempt to play dead and avoid the attentions of the two gunmen.
She explained how she was saved when the group she was huddling with were shot at and the person in front of her hit in the head.
Terrified the terrorists would return, she and the others began smearing victims' blood all over their bodies.
'We were still alive, so we thought it would be best to pretend to be dead and smear blood all over ourselves in case they returned.'
Other survivors of the Tunisia massacre have described how the two militants gunned down 'anything that moved' on the busy museum plaza as family members watched their loved ones being slaughtered beside them. 

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