Monday, March 02, 2015

Tragic story of Michigan IT worker, 44, found mummified when her home was seized over unpaid bills

The last the world knew of Pia Farrenkopf, she had withdrawn $1,500 from her checking account in February 25, 2009.
Friends and family didn't see or hear from the woman
they described as fun and intelligent in the years since, but they chalked it up to Farrenkopf's solitary tendencies.

Meanwhile, letters piled up in her mailbox in the middle-class neighborhood where she lived in Pontiac, Michigan, before being taken back to the Post Office as unclaimed.

A family member even tried to phone in 2012 to tell Farrenkopf her mother had died, but never got a response.
Mortgage payments kept being deducted automatically from bank accounts flush with cash from Farrenkopf's job at ALLTEL Information Services, where she had once programmed banking software.
It was not until the money ran out in 2013 and the bank foreclosed that Farrenkopf was finally discovered.
The Detroit Free Press reports two repairmen, hired to patch a hole in the roof, found her in 2014, slumped in the backseat of the Jeep Liberty parked in her garage, mummified.
Investigators later noted she was found surrounded by hundreds of unopened letters and several empty packs of cigarettes. She had $500 in cash in her pockets and a partially drank bottle of wine by her side.
Detectives couldn't find a single fingerprint on the bottle.
The home was in a state of chaos and disrepair - a far cry from the way her friend Joan Gill Strack said Farrenkopf liked to keep her home.

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