Sunday, March 01, 2015

Yay! Chelsea wins Capital One Cup with a 2 - 0 win over Tottenham

Long before the end, gaps were appearing in the white half of Wembley Stadium. They had seen this show before. So had we all. The last time he was here Jose Mourinho served notice, winning the League Cup as the preamble
to something greater. Here we go again. Rivals in the Premier League can count themselves officially told.

Chelsea deserved this for a display that advertised their finest qualities: a defensive cussedness, good organisation, bold decision making on the part of the manager and the certainty in front of goal that wins cups. 

John Terry collected an individual prize, too, the Alan Hardaker Trophy as man of the match. Rightly so. He scored Chelsea's first goal, was a rock at the back, as ever, and put in a blocking tackle late in the game that is now his trademark. Nobody throws himself towards the danger quite like Terry. It is as if he is taking a bullet for the team, or smothering a grenade. 

Yeah Chelsea won the coveted Capital One Cup!


  1. Up Chelsea, Chelsea for life

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