Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yemi Alade opens up on her alleged Instagram erotic chats with Phyno

Yemi Alade has disclosed that the relationship   she has with rapper  Phyno is a fantastic one, following the rapper’s defence of the singer after a hacker got her Instagram account to send erotic messages to the rapper. Phyno was said to have told the hackers that he did not believe it was Yemi that was having an erotic chat with him. He reportedly told the hackers that Yemi is too clean and mature for the erotic chat they were having with him.
In a recent chat with Hiptv, the Johnny crooner said it was actually Phyno that alert her over the account hack, saying the act has made the rapper a friend of high value. “My relationship with Phyno is a fantastic one. He is even more of a friend right now knowing that he could stand up for me at some point when someone was trying to make me look bad.
We are not really close, so I was surprised that he would think so well about me and replied the so called hackers in a way I didn’t expect. I respect Phyno more now. So let’s just say we are in a respectful relationship” she said. Recall that Phyno was featured on Yemi Alade’s album in the track Taking over me.
Commenting on her appearances in certain political campaigns, she has this to say: “I have been seen in certain campaigns and I have gotten a lot of questions if I am affiliated to any party or if I have any political ambition. At the moment, I don’t have any political ambition but I stand for what I believe in. I am not affiliated to any political party in terms of being an advocate for the party.I don’t really believe in parties ,I believe  more in the candidates who belong to the parties.”

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