Monday, April 27, 2015

APC elders ask Buhari to use scientific methods against corruption

The Elders Council of All Progressives Congress in Osun State  has called on President-elect Muhhammadu Buhari to use scientific methods to fight corruption in Nigeria.
The statement read, “General Buhari must wage total, unsparing and forensic war against the cancer of corruption which has eaten deep into the public and private facets of life in Nigeria. “Nigeria’s incoming president must ensure that all those who have contributed to the economic woes of Nigerians through various acts of sabotage, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation, misapplication, white elephant projects and outright stealing of public funds must not only account for but also refund the proceeds into the coffers.
“We call for a forensic anti-corruption war using constitutional and lawful mechanisms of the state to enforce the existing statutes without recognising any sacred cows.
“Buhari must ensure that the war covers both the APC and the PDP and must be pursued to logical conclusion in Nigeria’s public life. This is the only way to justify the mandate Nigerians, against all odds erected on their ways, gave to our party on March 28, 2015.”
Biko can someone tell me the meaning of scientific methods, forensic anti-corruption war..hehe


  1. Ehhehehehehhe scientific is the use of observations and theories


    1. Okay Chinco, cause I was thinking we have to start using mathematical formulas to battle corruption..hehe

  2. This naija corruption no be sere sere so it requires whatever means or equation available!!!

  3. On top corruption we are using formula and scientific observation???Chai, Law has finished!