Friday, April 03, 2015

Can you sleep on a mattress dangling from a cliff #oleku things

These oyibos will not kee me with their expensive antics, never, hehe. For me, I feel life must have been so unfair to these folks here with their lives hanging on line suspended by a rope that is prone to elastic stress deformation no  matter how thick or strong it may be.
Well please permit me to say... Life don tire them.

If the idea of sleeping on a vertical rock face with only a sliver of canvas between you and the waves crashing 200ft below keeps you awake at night, then ‘cliff camping’ is probably not for you.

But for those with a head for heights, a desire to be different and no history of sleep-walking, then the ‘portaledge hotel’ is open for your business on the North Wales coast.
It is extremely bijou. That is to say there are no frills and very little room to manoeuvre.
Guests abseil from the cliff top to their beds at sunset. They are strapped into harnesses which are secured to the rock.
A canvas platform also well attached to terra firmaallows them to stretch out and enjoy a degree of comfort that would otherwise be the preserve of seabirds.
Dinner is hot, of course, kept warm on a stove and lowered by staff from the cliff top.


  1. I think they signed their death sentence already

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