Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Check out this photo of Ini Edo and Chiwetalu Agu

It seems it is from the set of a movie under production. And according to Ini Edo, Chiwetalu trademark word here is: Obiegiri ebejie ihe mji buru nwoke and it is translated cutlass has cut my manhood...lol.
I guess this is gonna be another hilarious one coming from Hollywood.


  1. Till date in my house, we use one of his words "Inakwaja" meaning " you are packing sand. Biko does that make sense?

    So we use the inakwaja to describe anything that is wack or doesn't make sense lolz

    Another one is "achiporongodo" ahahahaha that man will always find something to say in all of his movies sha. I like him sha

    1. LMAO, Biko Chinco Bee where did you get these strong words from???

    2. Help me ask the man ooo. I had to ask an Ibo friend for the meaning of that "Inakwaja"

      Another one is " Opatisa"

      Maybe someone can interpret it!!!!

  2. Ewo dem don sell me here, where are my Igbo Peoples