Saturday, April 25, 2015

Consider Ndigbo for appointment, Anambra State Gov Obaino begs Buhari

Despite the controversy that surrounded the Igbos during the last presidential elections, Anambra State Governor, Willy Obiano, has put all aside as he urges the President-elect, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (retd), to appoint Igbo into prominent positions while forming his cabinet.
Obiano spoke after a closed-door meeting with the President-elect at his private residence in Abuja on Friday.
Obiano said, “I am also here to reassure him that Anambra and the South-East would support him. I also pleaded with him on some pressing problems that are of importance to the South-East like the second Niger bridge and some of the federal roads.
“We also pleaded in the area of appointment for the people of Anambra and of course, for people from the South-East be it ministerial, ambassadorial and what have you.”
The governor, however, dismissed insinuation that his visit was part of consultations to pave way for him to defect to the All Progressives party.

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  1. Sebi you didn't vote for him,so why are you begging? Beggy beggy obiano