Monday, April 20, 2015

Female cultists attack, inject student with strange substance

I can't believe females can be this brutal, these girls have sold their hearts to devil. Suspected members of a notorious female cult in the Bayelsa State owned Niger Delta University, Ammassoma, on Saturday attacked a 17-year-old student over her refusal to join the group.
The suspected cult members, who were reportedly led by a final year student of the Education Department of the institution, Annabel, attacked their victim within the Hostel F and injected her with a strange substance after subjecting her to severe beating and torture.
The victim of the attack, is said to be the daughter of a lecturer in the school and a student of the Economics Department.

However, some student sources gave different versions as to the cause of the attack when our correspondent visited the school.
While some students claimed the attack on the victim was due to domestic squabbles among room mates, others claimed the victim ran into trouble with the suspected cultists due to her strict Christian ways.
They said her faith made her to refuse to accept advances to belong to the notorious cult group involved in lesbianism and other vices on campus.
A friend of the victim, who identified herself simply as Claire, said the victim was attacked at about 4am in her room.



  1. My dear, even the devil himself is amazed at the kind of things happening in the world of nowadays. Only God will see us through. BTW, this background looks much better than the former. Good job.

  2. The way things are going in this world eeehn!