Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Gay dads in Surrey growing an instant family with three surrogates

Am just imagining how this gay thing can be curbed in the Western world, that is if they ever agree to, if they keep on agreeing to surrogacy to bear offsprings. 

Gay couple Luke Harris and Daryl Lee are celebrating the birth of their second baby and are due to become fathers for the third time in just a few weeks after controversially enlisting the help of three surrogate mothers.

The latest addition is daughter Willow-Star Shirley Harris-Lee. She was born a healthy 7lb at surrogate mother Viktoria Ellis’s home on February 25 – after a 25-minute labour that was so quick the gay dads’ were woken by a text message saying: ‘Your little girl is here!’
First child Phoenix Blue Harris-Lee – a boy – was born naturally on January 14 after a 16-hour induced labour, weighing 7lb 15oz. 

His surrogate mother was Bex Harris, Viktoria’s best friend. Baby number three – known to be a boy – is being carried by Bex’s sister-in-law Becky Harris and is due in July. 
The birth will mean Mr Harris – who is not related to the two mothers – and Mr Lee will have completed their family of three within seven months.
And what about breast feeding the babies?.


  1. Somehow for the westerners

  2. Sebi na the mamas go dey breastfeed them

    Gay sha????