Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Girl 22, so fat she had to be lifted by a crane from her flat to the hospital

Georgia Davis, 22, who weighs 60 stones and once dubbed 'Britain's fattest teenager' had to be dramatically lifted out of her home by a crane during a seven-hour emergency operation in order to take her to hospital.       
During the operation, a number of roads had to be closed in the neighbourhood as firefighters worked to remove her from her specially-adapted flat in Aberdare, south Wales.

At the height of the operation, neighbours said there were 12 fire, police and ambulance vehicles at the property.
It is the second time Ms Davis has had to be rescued in such a way. The operation to cut into her home, which came after she telephoned her mother to say she couldn't stand up, cost emergency workers an estimated £100,000. 


  1. Jesus! !!please are you kidding me. Omo, these obese people don't have a healthy life

  2. Choi! *closes eyes* Lord, I am grateful for my body.