Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hundreds evacuated as Chilean volcano erupts for first time in 40 years and sends huge plume of ash into the sky

I have got to share anytime I come across  something like this 'cos this is what I kind of spent four years in the university studying. 
A volcano in Chile that has laid dormant for more than 40 years has suddenly erupted, causing a thick plume of ash to cloud the sky while thousands of people living in its shadow were forced to flee.

Volcano Calbuco, in the country's south, is believed to be among the three most dangerous of Chile's 90 active volcanoes, but was not under any special observation before it suddenly sprung into life at around 6pm local time.

An estimated 1,500 people were forced to flee the nearby town of Ensenada after the eruption, while several smaller townships were also cleared.
Do you know this is how rocks are formed? After the erupted magma cools off, they become rocks. 

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