Friday, April 03, 2015

Imagine a total stranger trying to kiss you in a busy park

What would you do if a total stranger tried to kiss you in the middle of a busy train station? Probably the same thing most people do in this hilarious new video by New York City–based comedian Farah Brook.

The video, entitled 'Kiss Me NYC', shows Farah attempting the risky experiment in one of Manhattan's busiest stations, explaining to the camera: 'We're going to kiss some people in Grand Central! Let's hope I don't get punched'.
Walking up to randomly-selected men and women under the pretense of asking for directions, Farah waits for the moment before leaning in to land a smooch on her unsuspecting victim... See photos from the clip below. 

Luckily, the young comedian avoids any actual violence, but some of her targets do get physical, putting their hands on her head or shoulder to stop her from leaning in.
Others recoil in surprise and one man just backs away slowly and walks off, leaving Farah standing, lips puckered and eyes closed, alone in the middle of the station.
Her final target is a young bearded man in a denim jacket sitting down for a meal. She takes a seat next to him and directs his attention towards her phone before making her move.

Like the others, the young man is first surprised and instinctively moves away, but then in an awe-inducing turn of events, the pair appear to look deep into each other's eyes and Farah makes a second attempt, which is enthusiastically welcomed. 
Oya come and try this kind of stuff in Nigeria, you will know that Ijebu garri different from Warri

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  1. When the person no mad,the kain slap wey go land his cheeks na for 3mb he go find himself