Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Meet the Judo player who says he will be murdered if he is deported from UK to Africa

Facinet Keita, 31, was one of the West African country of Guinea's most high-profile stars when his team arrived in London for the Games but he was slammed by chiefs after losing a judo bout.
He claims he will be murdered for disgracing his country after he lost by ippon in the qualifying stages of the Men's +100kg against 34-stone Ricardo Blas Junior, from Guam when he got home and so he disappeared, living on the capital's streets before fleeing to Bradford, West Yorkshire, where he had friends and was arrested for 15 months before being released to be deported, since then he has been supported an asylum seeker charity.

On another level, it seems Facinet here fancies where he is now to his native country.


  1. Like say we sef get time!!!!!

  2. Abeg chinco phone you sabi am? Hian like say we know jim

    1. Don't mind him....yeye dey smell

      We don't even need him here so make he park well....