Monday, April 20, 2015

Migrant ship watches up on Greek Island in second water tragedy

Cradled in a man's arms, the body of a young child is brought ashore – a victim of the latest boat disaster to hit desperate migrants trying to reach Europe.
The child drowned after a wooden boat sailing from Turkey ran aground and broke up off the Greek island of Rhodes this morning, killing at least three people.
It was one of a number of tragedies that have claimed the lives of nearly 1,000 migrants in just 24 hours, prompting one European leader to warn of a 'genocide' in the Mediterranean.

In the first, more than 900 mainly African migrants are believed to have perished when a fishing boat capsized off Libya yesterday in one of the worst maritime tragedies since the Second World War.

Survivors claimed up to 300 people including women and children 'drowned like rats in cages' after being locked in the hold by callous traffickers. A further 100 migrants were rescued from a third vessel and taken to Sicily late last night.

Even with all these boat disasters, I know the immigrants will not take a chill pill and stop their Israelite journey by sea. R.I.P to the dead.

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