Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mother uploads post-pregnancy photos of stretchmarks to Instagram and they DELETE her account

A mother-of-two who posted pictures of her post-pregnancy stretchmarks on Instagram to inspire others was horrified after they were removed for breaching the site's decency guidelines.
Hannah Moore, 20, of Broxburn in West Lothian, uploaded the snaps in a bid to boost her confidence and told her followers: 'Nobody should be judged by their size because everyone is beautiful'.  
But only two minutes later, the mum of twins claims her account was deleted because the images were deemed to contain inappropriate 'nudity and violence'.
What do you think about this situation here. Do you feel Instagram went too far or do you think it would have been better if she had kept the photos to herself since it was tagged 'nudity' unlike Nicki's or Kim Kardashian's revealing photos on Instagram? More Photos after the cut...


  1. I fink the brain behind instagram likes doing ojoro