Thursday, April 23, 2015

Motorist plasters his car with slogans and parks it outside dealership - 'cos it drinks a litre of oil every time he fills it up 

A furious motorist has plastered his £35,000 Audi A5 with slogans and parked it outside the dealership he bought it from because it uses a litre of oil every time he fills it up.
Ravi Beefnah, 34, parked his white Audi A5 - which is covered in red lettering - outside the entrance of the dealership in Chelmsford, Essex, in February as a warning to other buyers. 
Two months later and Mr Beefnah's protest is still there, with the owner claiming that Audi have failed to resolve his long-running complaint about the engine and fix the car. 

Patience man!... All this cannot go to waste, they must fix your car...hehe 


  1. He didn't know say na V8 1000th engine he wan buy.or he didn't research well before buying the car, I hope they settle you.better still file a class apction against them