Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My father never commercialised his comedy, but I did – Imeh Bishop Umoh aka Okon

Imeh Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon, is one of the best comic actors Nigeria has produced. The Star of Okon has won the hearts of fans both locally and internationally. In an interview he granted recently, theUniversity of Uyo Philosophy graduate narrated amid laughter how he’d have become a brilliant lawyer like his father. He also talked about his marriage and family.. Excerpts from the interview below 

Could you tell us how your journey into acting began?
I’ve always been in the forefront of the dramatic club in my school. Through this, I won lots of accolade. So, I have always been a comedian and actor. But my first Nollywood movie was in 2014. It was produced by the late Francis Agu and entitled ‘Dance in the Forest’. He was the one who discovered me as an actor, though I featured in one of our indigenous films in 1993.
What about your father?
My father is late; he was a lawyer. He died in 1999 when I was still a young boy.
What do you miss most about your father?
He was a very playful person, a comedian. The difference between us is that my father never commercialised his humour, but I did.
What about your eyes, they look funny on set, even now?
In fact, it runs in the family. My daughter too has the same eyes (laughter). So, it’s natural, but I am praying to God for change, so that she wouldn’t stay at home for long before marriage (laughter).
What has stardom done for you?
It’s God that made me famous. My state governor is my fan; also Mr. President and his wife are my fans. I have fans all over the world not just Nigeria. And I appreciate the movie industry for discovering me. I will always support any government willing to keep Nollywood alive.
Lolz, he is a painstakingly funny man!


  1. Thank God for your life Imeh, wishing you more success in your career.

  2. Thank God for your life Imeh, wishing you more success in your career.

  3. I love this man!very real and funny, you will just laugh mere looking at him