Friday, April 10, 2015

Naval officer crushed to death by a tanker in Lagos

A tanker driver, identified simply as Mike, has crushed to death a 47-year-old naval officer, Tali Muhammed, in the Apapa area of Lagos State.
The tanker, with registration number, JJJ 737 XH, was said to be heading for a private park on Dockyard Road, Apapa, when the incident happened.
The tanker was said to be owned by a firm, Godswill Limited.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Muhammed was part of a traffic team overseeing the smooth passage of trucks and other vehicles on the road, where Naval Training Command Headquarters was located.
The Adamawa State indigene was reportedly asleep around 5am on Wednesday when he was awoken by the noise of the speeding truck.
Our correspondent gathered that as he awoke from sleep, he shouted at the driver to stop.
The driver, who was unaware that the victim was at the back of the vehicle, was said to have put the vehicle in reverse.
Our correspondent was told that Muhammed, a master warrant officer in the navy, was crushed to death.
The tyres of the tanker were said to have climbed on his body and broken his skull.
When PUNCH Metro visited the scene of the incident, he observed that security checks on tankers going through the route had been intensified.
A colleague of the victim, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Muhammed had been buried according to Islamic rites.
He said, “Around 5am on that day, the tanker was speeding and his headlights were also off.
“The noise of the tanker woke Muhammed up and he asked the driver to stop.
“The man had driven ahead, but as he reversed, unaware that Muhammed was at the back, the tanker hit the officer and he fell on the ground.
“The vehicle climbed his body and broke his head.
“The driver did not know he had killed him, because it was dark. It was when he was accosted that he knew.”
Another source, who declined to give his name, said the naval authorities had already given directives to officers and men manning the road that after 5am, no truck should be allowed entry into the Dockyard Road.
He added that the accident happened because the driver wanted to beat the time.

Source: Punch


  1. How sad! rest in peace Muhammed

  2. How sad! rest in peace Muhammed

  3. OMG the poor man was crushed to death