Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nigerian man who killed 19 yrs old boy faces trial after he fled to Nigeria and was extradited to the UK 5 yrs later

Jeffrey Okafor, 24, of East Dulwich, south east London, is accused of stabbing Carl Beatson-Asiedu to death outside a nightclub in the summer of 2009. He confessed to his girlfriend before fleeing to Nigeria on his brother's passport, a court has heard.
DJ Charmz 
The 19-year-old victim, known as DJ Charmz, had been leaving the Club Life Nightclub in Vauxhall's Goding Street, in London, with a group of friends after performing a set when a group of men approached them, the court heard.
Okafor, who had no connection with his alleged victim, had been at the club with Ademujimi-Falade and another friend Bolaji Kako-Are.
Shortly after the stabbing, Ofakor confessed to his girlfriend before he fled the country on his brother's passport and would remain in Nigeria for five years. 

Within about an hour of the attack, he phoned a girlfriend and told her he had been involved in a 'madness', the court heard.
A few days after the attack, Okafor allegedly told his girlfriend that he had stabbed Charmz in the stomach and gave her a pair of black gloves asking her to look after them.
'Okafor then fled from the country, travelling to Nigeria using his brother's passport.
'It was not until the end of last year that it was possible for him to be extradited to the UK and face his crime. 
On August 13 police went to his home address, planning to arrest him and to search the house for any evidence relating to the murder.  
Ms Whitehouse said he laid low for a time and then early on August 17 2009 he took a flight from Heathrow Airport to Lagos, using his brother's passport, the court heard.
He was finally arrested on 23 September last year in Asaba, the capital of Nigeria's Delta State, after being on the run and was then extradited to the UK in November. 
Today he is finally standing trial. Okafor, who has a beard and wore a red checked shirt and glasses, looked emotionless as he listened to the proceedings. He denies murder.



  1. That's a brilliant one, Nigeria Police hope you learning.
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  2. No hiding place for the wicked

  3. No hiding place for the wicked