Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oklahoma legalizes execution by GAS CHAMBER

Oklahoma has introduced a law allowing it to use nitrogen gas to kill death row prisoners if lethal injections aren't available.
Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill approving nitrogen as an alternative method of death, giving Oklahoma four different ways to enact its death penalty.
The method, which involves pumping a chamber full of nitrogen and leaving a prisoner's body to die from lack of oxygen, has been touted as 'foolproof' by supporters, in the wake of the embarrassingly botched lethal injections. 
The new bill, effective from November 2015, moves the electric chair back from second preference to third, while firing squad becomes a distant fourth choice if all other methods are unavailable.
Proponents tout that nitrogen killings will be 'fast and painless' for inmates - and also say the method is 'foolproof' as it requires no medical expertise or complex procedures.



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