Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pensioner 75, left entire £500,000 fortune to builder who cleaned his gutters for free leaving out family

Imagine Dangote leaving out his family and bequeathing all his wealth to one of his truck drivers. That is similar to what happened when a lonely pensioner left half a million pounds to a builder who once agreed to clean out his gutters for free - but the bequest is now at the centre of a High Court legal battle. 
Ronald Butcher, a 'private and quiet man', bequeathed his entire £500,000 fortune to Daniel Sharp after he died in March 2013.
But his relatives and family friends insist that the will, made just two months before his death, is invalid and say that the builder is lying about his friendship with Mr Butcher.
*Yawns* you can never hear this kind of stories that touch in our dear Naija...hehe


  1. It boils down to how you deliver your service...if you deliver it perfunctorily, that's where your reward ends, but if you put your heart in it, its reward is more than you see now...lucky guy there!..hahaa

    1. *dancing*dancing* see who dropped by... Emma glad to have you here! #ehugz

    2. hahahaaa....its good to be back again. always a pleasure to be here Rella.. #e-bearhugs.. lol

  2. I am so sure they will contest the will in court. A caveat will be placed however for the poor man to win the case, the court must be satisfied that all the element of a good will are present in the said will.if the lawyer can prove through preponderance of evidence, am sure he will get it.