Friday, April 24, 2015

Should Nollywood be worried by Jonathan impending departure?

I know Nollywood will surely miss this man *sniffs*, all the dinner night he had with them, ah the selfies some madams took and maybe the loans he must have granted them.... It's really uncertain times for this large industry in Nigeria. 
In the more than 20 years since Nigeria’s Hollywood emerged, Nollywood has grown from low-budget movies sold on VHS tapes to a $5 billion movie industry.  
In a 2006 UNESCO study, Nollywood was ranked the second-most productive movie industry, ahead of Hollywood and behind only India’s Bollywood. 
But it was an uphill struggle until Jonathan came along, said Mike Nliam, who works at the Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria.
“We have had tremendous support from this government. I think it’s the government that has really looked into the potential and what Nollywood can be,” said Nliam.
In November 2010, Jonathan announced a $200 million fund designed to make it easier for Nigerian producers and filmmakers to get loans for their projects.
President-elect Buhari has said he will clamp down on corruption. In Nollywood hopes are that this will include pirated movies.
Nollywood please add prayer to it, it's needed....#lipsealed

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  1. Toyin Aimakhu will miss him more. Lolz