Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seyi Shay left in shame after she couldn't sing the national anthem at a show

Singer Seyi Shay was left in shame recently at an event when she was called upon to sing/lead the national anthem by the organisers of the event who felt she was the best person present to sing the national anthem. Omor singer Seyi Shay couldn't sing past more than the second stanza, she was just going back and forth with the first stanza and eye witnesses said she left the show later heads bowed in embarrassment.

Erm, lemme ask you guys can you sing the national anthem completely without chewing your mouth?


  1. Hahaha complete embarrassment, ewo! Her head will be bow in shame.
    Lemme try
    Arise o'compatriot, Nigeria call obey, to serve our fathers land with love a d strength and faith. One nation bound our heros past shall never be in vain,to serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom peace and unity

    Oh God of creation direct our bible cause, guide our leaders right help our youth the truth to love and honesty to grow and live in just and true great lofty height attain,to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign

    Omo, me sef no no chai! Shame

    1. MFM... copy copy. lolz can you really sing it ? lolz just asking ni ooo.#Runawy

    2. I wrote it, I didn't copy ooo,i can sing it oo but I cannot boast of a good voice,st least I try
      Rella, se I no try, I even wrote 2nd stanza

    3. See BMF lemme not lie I can't sing the first stanza well. I know am missing it. Oya Immanuel try na let's see if you will go past the first line...kikikiki BMF you tried jhoor Infact over try dey worry you. #runsaway

  2. Kikikiki, haha haha, ROTFL...BMF This one is strong I will go and open your nyansh over at your blog.

  3. Eyaaaaaa do I blame them?she doesn't have cause to sing it nah

    Bmf you try no be small e no easy nah